Albanian President awarded “Friend of Azerbaijan” Golden Order established by “My Azerbaijan” international magazine


Baku, April 25, AZERTAC

President of the Republic of Albania Ilir Meta has been awarded the "Friend of Azerbaijan” Golden Order instituted by the international magazine "My Azerbaijan”.

Editor in chief of the magazine Emil Nasirli presented the order to Ilir Meta in his Presidential residence in Tirana.

The Albanian leader, who was awarded in recognition of his role in developing friendly relations between Azerbaijan and Albania and his fruitful activity in the fields of science, culture, economy and politics, thanked the editorial board and staff of "My Azerbaijan" international magazine for honoring him with the high award. President Ilir Meta said that the joint projects implemented by Albania and Azerbaijan contributed to the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries. Hailing the fact that work on the implementation of TAP project in Albania was going on schedule, the Albanian president said that he attached great importance to this project. He said Azerbaijan made a significant contribution to international cooperation. President Ilir Meta said he was grateful for what Azerbaijan had been doing towards strengthening bilateral relations and cooperation and stressed the importance of enhancing partnership and using this potential to the maximum.

Hailing the successful development of bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Albania, editor in chief Emil Nasirli said that the two countries enjoyed good political ties. He mentioned that the event was of great significance in terms of the development of cooperation between the two countries. Touching upon the development of bilateral relations, Emil Nasirli described energy cooperation as one of the key priorities of the relationship. The editor in chief said relations in the energy sector would create good opportunities for cooperation in other areas, including investment, trade and transport. Emphasizing the significance of the joint implementation of such a vital project as the Southern Gas Corridor, Emil Nasirli said he hoped that Azerbaijan and Albania, which support each other in international organizations, would maintain collaboration within these institutions.

Underlining the importance of mutual support in bilateral relations, Emil Nasirli described Albania as a friendly country to Azerbaijan and hailed the fact that Albania had the same attitude towards Azerbaijan. He noted that during his meeting with Ilir Meta on the sidelines of the 6th Global Baku Forum held in the Azerbaijani capital this March, he saw the Albanian President`s attention to Azerbaijan and his recognition of the importance of mutual support for bilateral relations. "When we look at your meaningful and glorious way of life and your public activities, we also recognize your noble personality, your kind attitude to people, and your ability to communicate with them as a well-known and influential intellectual, your high culture, principled character, and high confidence in the future. The staff of the magazine are happy as you receive the "Friend of Azerbaijan" Golden Order, and highly appreciate what you have done towards strengthening the Azerbaijan-Albania friendship,” Emil Nasirli said.

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